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  • Steve Gaines is the Pastor of the historic Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, where he has served since 2005. He has led several congregations over more than thirty years of pastoral ministry. Gaines is also the immediate past President of the Southern Baptist Convention (2016-2018).

    Steve Gaines is soul-winning pastor, faithful preacher, and prayer-driven leader, whose leadership, counsel, and preaching a sought-after by many. He is also the author of numerous books, including…

    Steve Gaines will always have a dear place in my heart and family. He recently preached for us at the Shiloh Church. The congregation was challenged and encouraged by the message. More importantly, my daughter Hailey Breanne trusted the Lord Jesus Christ as a result of the message! Praise the Lord!

    [Tweet “Prayer more; worry less. – Steve Gaines”]

    I have the opportunity to interview Steve Gaines about his life and ministry. Enjoy!


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