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  • 50 Preacing Tips in 15 Minutes | H.B. Charles Jr.

    In this video, H.B. Charles Jr. shares fifty practical tips to help you preach faithfully, clearly, and better. These pieces of advice address the preacher’s personal devotion, sermon preparation, and pulpit ministry.

    Of course, these fifty pointers are not exhaustive. But hopefully you will find these helpful hints beneficials to your Word work.

    1. Plan your preaching.
    2. Start preparing as early as possible.
    3. Prepare when you are at your best.
    4. Gather tools for sermon preparation.
    5. Consult the best commentaries.
    6. Read and reread the text.
    7. Observe before you interpret.
    8. Learn to learn quicker.
    9. Give time for the message to marinate.
    10. Keep a good record of your study notes.
    11. Preach the truth and tone of the text.
    12. Write complete sermon manuscripts.
    13. Write for the ear, not the eye.
    14. Strive for clarity.
    15. practice variety.
    16. Don’t assume anything.
    17. Get good rest before you preach.
    18. Saturate your sermon in prayer.
    19. Make sure your title does not overpromise.
    20. Preach the sermon, don’t read it.
    21. Be intentional about sermon length.
    22. Show it to them in the text.
    23. Present the gospel in every sermon.
    24. Keep your introduction brief.
    25. Only conclude the sermon once.
    26. Make smooth transitions.
    27. Don’t be the hero of your illustrations.
    28. Be careful of indecent exposure.
    29. Use scripture for illustrations.
    30. Ask probing questions.
    31. Do not plagiarize.
    32. use quotations sparingly.
    33. Make eye contact.
    34. Preach for a verdict.
    35. Be yourself.
    36. Guard your heart in the pulpit.
    37. Get honest feedback.
    38. Preach to an audience of one.
    39. Determine authorial intent.
    40. prioritize your quite time.
    41. Develop of sermon proposition.
    42. Think texts, not topics. Think series, not sermons.
    43. Be specific.
    44. Preach apologetically.
    45. Find a homiletical hero.
    46. Read books on preaching.
    47. Preach with sincere passion.
    48. Your sermon points should be necessary and natural.
    49. Put application in your sermon points.
    50. Live what you preach.

    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.