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  • Someone wrote a perfect description of Donald L. Parson on social media…

    “Donald Parson is your favorite preacher’s favorite preacher.”

    Indeed, Donald Parson is one of the great preaching voices of this generation.

    Many young preachers – myself included – have been mentored from afar by the preaching of Donald Parson. However, no one can imitate him. If you catch someone trying, it is immediately obvious. His clarity, vocabulary, imagination, voice, and delivery are uniquely him. However, unlike some over the years, Parsons has not changed his message!

    I remember buying my first tapes of Donald Parson at the National Baptist Convention. The sermons were entitled, “Fatal Attraction” and “The Man in the Mirror.” Flashy titles that introduced thoughtful, biblical messages.

    I mastered those early tapes to glean all I could from them. Then I heard Parsons preach in person for the first time. It was at True Vine Baptist Church in Inglewood, CA. There was not an empty seat in the house. But my buddies and I somehow got seats up front. I was sixteen-years-old. Parsons preached from Acts 3 – “The Danger of Stopping at the Gate.” To this day, I could preach that sermon verbatim.

    These types of stories are multiplied around the country by preachers who have been influenced by the preaching of Donald Parson.

    In the midst of celebrating twenty-six years at the Logos Baptist Assembly in Chicago, which he founded, Donald Parson graciously accepted our invitation to preach my ninth pastoral anniversary at the Shiloh Church.

    During his time with us, I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Parson about his life, ministry, and preaching. It was an inspiring conversation. Enjoy!

    [Tweet “You should always leave church with some change – not in your pocket, but in your life. – Donald Parson”]

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