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  • I am in Greensboro, North Carolina, preaching for my friend Keelan Atkinson. I started Sunday night. I will conclude the meeting tonight.

    I have know Keelan for some years now. This may be the fourth time I have come to Greensboro to preach for him. Keelan’s young church – only several years old – has been very kind and encouraging to me over the years. And I am glad to be here to minister the word of God to them.

    Pastor Atkinson is the one who recommended me to the leadership of Shiloh during their pastoral search. I still blame him for me being in Jacksonville! LOL!!!

    Please remember the final night of this meeting in your prayers.

    By the way, this past weekend – Friday and Sunday – I was speaking at a conference hosted by the African American Ministries Department of the Baptist General Convention of Texas. It was a good meeting.

    Saturday, as I was making my way home, I had a flight delay in Houston. Then I missed my connection to Jacksonville. So I was stuck in Dallas for the night. My flight was scheduled to arrive at Jacksonville at 10 AM. But it snowed overnight in Dallas. So we were delayed, as they removed snow and ice from the plane.

    When I finally arrived in Jacksonville, church was over. In fact, I was a little more than a hour away from my flight from Jacksonville. So I repacked my bag with the things Crystal brought and rechecked it for my flight to Greensboro. I sat with Crystal and the kids for a few, and then headed here.

    I have never, ever had a weekend of travel like that. And I hope it never happen agains.

    Thanks to the entire staff and leaders of SMBC for stepping up and filling during our mini-crisis. And thanks to the entire Shiloh family for covering me in prayer as I travel to minister the word of God.

    I look forward to seeing you tomorrow night for our Midweek Worship Service.

    God bless.


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.