Revival in Sacramento

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  • I am in Sacramento. Tonight was the first of three nights I am preaching for Dr. Ephraim Williams and the St. Paul Baptist Church. These three nights are the pre-celebration of the church’s 58th anniversary. Dr. Williams is a remarkable pastor and St. Paul is a remarkable church. This afternoon, I was given a tour of the church campus. I can’t describe what a faith building experience that was. The auditorium holds about 2,800. There are more than 40 classrooms and an admistrative wing. There is a large dining hall, a wedding chapel, and much more. And when my tour-guide finished showing me the main campus, he showed me their new family life center, which is about a month or so from completion. It will house a gym with 4-6 basketball rims, conference area, administrative wing, day care center, arobics area, youth recreational area, stage, weight room, racket ball court, stage, bookstore, and classrooms. I am not easily impressed. But I couldn’t hide how impressed I was with what the Lord has blessed this congregation to accomplish.

    Dr. Williams is truly a visionary leader. He is a very kind, godly, and humble man. Being around him is so refreshing and encouraging. In May, he will celebrate 35 years as the pastor of St. Paul. And his passion for ministry is still strong. This congregation is truly a lighthouse in the Sacramento area. I am so honored to have been invited here to speak. I hope and pray that God will use the ministry of the word to be a blessing to this congregation this week.


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.