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  • 1484743_10203480466672679_8709149951894082292_nWe had a wonderful celebration of Easter at Shiloh Church yesterday!

    A big shout-out to our Pastor of Worship & Arts, Joe Pace, planned and led our Holy Week observances. And he went all out for Easter. Thanks Pastor Joe for your wise planning, hard work, and spiritual leadership!

    A very special thanks to all the Shiloh volunteers for your labor of love this week. Your service enabled many to worship freely, hear the gospel, and meet Jesus for the first time! I am very proud of you and grateful of your partnership in the gospel. You make it happen!

    10154188_10202531053855027_3034840195855947470_nOur worship team and music department were stellar! Thanks to our children, youth, adult choirs, and dance team for leading in worship with such excellence!

    It was very moving to see my two daughters singing in the children and youth choirs yesterday.

    We were honored to have many guests in worship with us in our two services. Inevitably, our guests have to pass churches to get to Shiloh. It was a joy to have them with join us.

    My family had a very special guest in worship with us. My niece, Harriette, came to town over the weekend to spend Easter with us. Way cool!

    10264485_10203486225736652_8671244956134996297_nI preached a first-person dramatic monologue as Thomas. I called it, “He Made a Believer Out of Me!” (John 20:24-29).

    This was the first time I have preached a first-person sermon on a Sunday morning at Shiloh. I have done one before on Thanksgiving a few years ago. This first-person stuff is high-wire walking without a net!

    Praise God for those saved and added to the church yesterday!

    One of my favorite Easter quotations…

    Anyone can be sentimental about the Nativity. Any fool can feel like a Christian at Christmas. But Easter is the main event; if you don’t believe in the resurrection you’re not a believer. – John Irving

    How was your Easter Sunday? What did you preach? What was the sermon about? Join the conversation in the comments section. 


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.