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Saturday Shout-Outs: Chapman Interview, Reavis Podcast, & Ministry Links

July 8, 2017
By H.B. Charles Jr.
I spent two days this week on the campus on the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. We were invited by David Miller, President of the 2017 SBC Pastors' Conference, as his team reviewed the conference. We were hosted by the NOTBS Caskey Center. Grateful for David Miller's kindness. And I am excited about leading the 2018 Pastors Conference! I wrote an article this week about a challenge every preacher will face at some time or another: Preaching Under Pressure  Make sure you check out the Tellis Chapman Interview. It is full of wisdom for pastors and preachers! This week's episode...

Tellis Chapman Interview

July 7, 2017
By H.B. Charles Jr.
Tellis Chapman is the Pastor of the Galilee Missionary Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan, where he has served for more than thirty years. He is also the President of the Pastors' and Ministers' Division of the National Baptist Convention, USA Inc. A much sought-after preacher, Chapman travels the country preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastor Chapman is also a friend of preachers. I have seen evidence of his kind and generous spirit since the moment I met him some years ago. [Tweet "The preacher's responsibility is not to shout the people but to give them marching orders. - Tellis Chapman"]...