Reginald Payne


Saturday Shout-Outs: Sermon Podcast, BASS, & Ministry Links

March 7, 2015
By H.B. Charles Jr.
Thanks for reading my blog. Enjoy these Saturday Shout-Outs! YOU CAN SIGN UP FOR MY EMAIL LIST IN THE BOX AT THE TOP RIGHT OF THIS PAGE TO RECEIVE A FREE WEEKLY SERMON MANUSCRIPT. TODAY'S MANUSCRIPT IS FROM MARK 2:1-12! Check out the interview with Reginald C. Payne, my boyhood friend and first preaching assistant from Los Angeles! It was a joy to have him close out Word Encounter 2015 at the Shiloh Church. The new Shiloh Church Sermon Podcast is now available on iTunes. This podcast features sermons I preach during the Lord's Day Worship Services at the Shiloh Church....

Reginald C. Payne Interview

March 2, 2015
By H.B. Charles Jr.
Reginald C. Payne is my oldest friend. We grew up in the same congregation. We basically started preaching together. We were ordained together. My father died as I was flying home to Los Angeles from Detroit. Reginald picked me up from the airport that day. We were roommates for several years. And we served together during the beginning of my first pastorate. Reginald was also my first preaching assistant. We called him "Ready Reggie." Twenty-two years ago, Reginald was called to pastor the Full Gospel Baptist Church in Los Angeles (not affiliation with denomination). Three years ago, he was also called...