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    Pastor L.A. Kessee has served as pastor of the Bethany Baptist Church of West Los Angeles for the past twenty-five years.

    A graduate of the legendary Bishop College in Dallas, L.A. Kessee was roommates with E.K. Bailey and served a local church with Melvin V. Wade Sr. during his college years. Kessee is known around the country for his dynamic preaching and leadership.

    I met Pastor Kessee when I was a boy preacher in Los Angeles. He invited me to preach for him on a Sunday morning. I remember two details about that day. There was a rug in front of the pulpit that read, “Preach or Perish.” I thought the floor might open under me if I did not preach well. As a boy preacher, I memorized everything – including my sermon text. After my sermon, Pastor Kessee chastised me for coming to the pulpit without a Bible. I have never done so again.

    L.A. Kessee has been a kind, encouraging, and supportive influence in my life and ministry. It was a joy to talk to him about his life and ministry. Enjoy!


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