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  • The National Missionary Baptist Convention is meeting in Los Angeles this week. My pastor, Dr. Melvin V. Wade, is the president of this convention. The meeting was kicked off today with the S.M. Lockridge Gospel Bowl, an all-day meeting of prayer, praise, and preaching. Even though I am not a part of this convention, I was asked to speak in this service today. I was scheduled to be on of the early speakers. So I expected that I would get there in time to hear one sermon, give my message, then go home to lay my burden down and recover from a long weekend. However, when I arrived at 10:30 AM, I discovered the service was moving behind schedule. And the first preacher hadn’t spoken yet. I further discovered that I was no longer one of the first preachers. Instead, I was to give the next-to-last message.

    Five preachers spoke before me. And they all swung for the fence. By the time it was my turn to preach, it was past 3:30 PM. And I was absolutely exhausted. But the Lord helped me to preach. After my message, there was one more speaker. And it was after 4:30 when the benediction was given. I was totally wiped out. But when I got home, Crystal asked me to run some errands with her. I changed and went out with Crystal. And when we got home about 7 PM, we changed again and went to the consecration service for the convention, which was held at Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, where Dr. Wade is pastor. And I heard another good message. But I am out of gas and it is only Monday. And I have to get at it early in the morning to catch up on office work and pastoral care. Likewise, I have to get ready for the resumption of midweek service this Wednesday, where I intend to continue to my exposition of Psalm 119.

    Happy Labor Day!


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.