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  • I needed a hobby. A diversion. Something.

    So I started writing on my blog more, among other things. Along with reading, writing is one of the most relaxing things I do.

    My increased writing led to a blog site update, which led to even more writing.

    Most weeks, I write a “Notes from Sunday” recap and “Saturday Shout-Outs.”  I often write one or two other posts a week, as well.

    Here are some of the top posts of 2012..

    Top Posts

    Things I’ve Learned Along the Way

    10 Recommendations to Gospel Artists from a Loyal Fan and a Concerned Pastor

    Every Pastor is a Translator

    Preach the Word!

    Taking the Text Seriously

    If You Can Keep From Preaching Do It!

    The Importance of Regular Church Attendance

    Help, I’m an Associate Preacher!

    Ten Reasons for Expository Preaching by E.K. Bailey

    On Preaching Series

    In the later half of the year, I started thinking a lot about my preaching. I desperately want to be a better preacher to the glory of God.

    A subject becomes clearer to me as a speak or write on it. So I started writing homiletical posts.

    I plan to write more on preaching in 2013. But here are the posts on preaching I have written so far.

    On Writing Sermon Manuscripts

    On Sermon Introductions

    On Preaching Without Notes

    On Choosing Sermon Titles

    On Sermon Preparation

    On Being a Guest Preacher

    How did you develop your style of preaching?

    Becoming a Better Expositor

    How to Protect Your Voice for Preaching


    Over the years, conversations with great people have challenged and encouraged me.

    I have always thought it would be great to share these conversations. I have been able to do so through a series of interviews.

    I look forward to continuing these interviews next year. (I would love to interview Dr. A. Louis Patterson, Jr. in 2013!)

    Here are the interviews I have done so far…

    Ralph Douglas West Interview: Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3

    Melvin Von Wade Sr. Interview: Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3

    Rudolph Waldo McKissick Interview: Part 1 & Part 2

    Sheila Bailey Interview

    Lloyd C. Blue Interview

    A.B. Sutton Interview

    David Olford Interview

    George E. Hurtt Interview

    Romell Williams Jr. Interview

    Keelan Atkinson Interview

    Honorable Mentions

    Some posts did not have big numbers of views initially, but maintained steady views over time. For instance, someone reads “What the Devil Stole” and “Generational Curses” virtually every day.

    And the runner ups are…

    Developing a Sermon Calendar

    I”m Taking Back Everything that Devil Stole From Me!

    On Generational Curses

    On Church Hopping

    No One Can Beat You Being You!

    Indecent Exposure in the Pulpit

    Why I Pray Before I Preach

    What I Pray Before I Preach

    How do you find style for study?

    Don’t Believe What You See On Youtube!

    Thanks for reading my blog. Thanks for your comments. Special thanks to those who wrote guests posts for me. And thanks for sharing my posts with your readers and followers.

    Have you found any of these posts helpful? Are there posts not mentioned here that you found helpful? Join the conversation in the comments section. 

    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.