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  • Most weeks, I publish several posts on this site. I write articles on biblical preaching, pastoral ministry, and church life. I record interviews with pastors and other spiritual leaders. I post The On Preaching Podcast episodes. And I share articles written by others in my Saturday Shout-Outs.

    Thank you for reading my blog this year. I hope you have found helpful resources here. Here are some of the most viewed and best responded to posts from my blog site in 2016. Enjoy!


    1. Shooing Flies In The Pulpit. 

         2.  Be A Man And Preach.

         3. Faithful Preachers Are Forgetful Preachers. 

         4. Who’s Holding You Up.

         5. So What Is Your Vision For This Church?




          1. Jasper Willams Jr. Interview 

          2. Stephen John Thurston Interview

          3. K. Edward Copeland Interview

    4. David L. Olford Interview

    5. Hepworth W.C. Jonas Interview



    1. Helpful Hints To Guest Preachers

    2. How I Prepare To Preach 

    3. Key’s To Effective Sermon Outlines

    4. Seven Ways To Become A Better Preacher 

    5. Preaching As A New Pastor


    What Were Some Of Your Favorite Post From This Year?




    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.