The Beginning of a Long Weekend

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  • I have just finished a writing assignment that I was a day late on. But I don’t really have a chance to feel good about it. I just have to strike it off of my to-do list and get to other things that I am still late on! This is the beginning for what will be a long weekend for me. This morning, I will be attending the funeral service of Rev. Storm Evans, a nineteen-year-old preacher here in Los Angeles who passed away last week. Even though I am confident in the sovereign purposes of God, it hurts to be going to the funeral of a young man committed to Jesus Christ whose life was filled with so much promise and potential. I trust that the Lord knows what’s best.

    This afternoon, I have a “all hands of deck” staff meeting, as we are continuing to prepare ourselves for the end of this year and the beginning of next year. Later this evening, I will be attending the annual banquet for the Los Angeles Bible Training School, where Paul Felix is the president. In between all of this, I still have work for Sunday to conclude. I also have to finish my preparations for our men’s fellowship meeting that I will be leading in the morning. It’s my plan to summarize the major points of Jerry Jenkins’ book, Hedges. And I want to challenge the men to guard their hearts and minds from temptations. Reading that book was very challenging and convicting for me. I hope that my message will be able to have a similar impact on the men of MSMBC.

    There is an event for the youth that will be held here at the church tomorrow evening. And one way or the other, my evening will be shaped by that. And then there’s Sunday’s teaching times that I have. Then, Sunday evening, there will be a memorial service at Liberty Baptist Church for its founding pastor, Dr. Earl C. Cotton, who passed away this week. The actual funeral service will be Monday morning. In the midst of all this work related stuff, I have to spend some time with my wife and kids this weekend (not for their sakes, but for mine!!!). Likewise, my little sister, Donetta, made it home from the hospital yesterday. And I am hoping to spend some time with her. Plus, it was my plan to get a head start on deadlines I have to meet, messages I have to present, and meetings that I have to attend next week. So, there’s a lot going on this weekend in my little world. Pray for me that I will put first what the Lord would have me to put first when he would have me to put it first.


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.