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  • The African American Pulpit is one of (if not the) leading magazines or journals that spotlights African American pulpit work. Published quarterly, it includes edited sermon manuscripts, essays, interviews, sermon helps, and other articles that provide both a platform and resource for African American preachers.

    The Winter 2007-08 edition has just been released, featuring preachers who are considered “New Revivalists.” In the past, TAAP has spotlighted prominent “revival preachers” from across the country. And, apparently, this edition seeks to note some of the up and coming voices from around the country.

    The editors graciously invited me contribute a sermon for this edition. I was absolutely surprised by the invitation. And I am very grateful for the consideration. I do not personally know any of the editors of this journal. And I don’t personally know most of the other preachers whose contributed to this edition – most being more prominent voices. So I grateful, honored, and encouraged that my name was some how added to the number.

    The past couple of years, I have done quite a bit of “revival” preaching across the country. But I do not really consider myself a “revival preacher.” I am the primary teaching pastor of a local church here in Los Angeles. And the heavy lifting of my preaching labors is dedicated to lead the congregation I serve to be a God-exalting, Christ-centered, and biblically functioning congregation that wins more Christians and develops better Christians in Los Angeles. The revival preaching I do is the overflow of work I have done is a very specific context. Praise God for those who have been blessed my preaching labors beyond the pulpit at my beloved MSMBC. And I am grateful for the many pastors who have trusted me to faithfully water the seeds they have already been planting. May god give the increase!


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.