Thanks, MSMBC, for hanging out with me these past two Sundays

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  • Thanks, MSMBC, for hanging out with me these past two Sundays
  • The past two Sunday afternoons, our congregation has participated in worship services at with other congregations. On May 27, we worshiped with the Paradise Baptist Church to celebrate the 22nd pastoral anniversary celebration for Pastor A.D. Iverson. Pastor Iverson has been a great source of kindness and encouragement to me over the years. And we seem to have a natural affinity toward one another – both being preacher’s kids who pastor their father’s church. So it was a joy to join in the celebration with other congregations of our city. I brought the message in that service. And even though I would have rather had been sitting and listening to someone else, God was faithful to give me strength for preaching.

    This past Sunday (6/3), we worshiped with the First Antioch Baptist Church to celebrate the 10th pastoral anniversary services for Pastor Nathaniel Haley. Pastor Haley and I are, likewise, both preachers’ kids. And even as his father and mine were good friends; Nate and I have become friends. I had the privilege of preaching Nate’s installation service. And I have participated in his anniversary services each year, except one. In fact, we regularly go to First Antioch on the first Sunday in June. Now, it feels like I’m in church three months every Sunday. But on first Sundays, it’s more like four or five months. And I would not go to another service and preach again for just anyone. But I love Nate. And I pray that our presence Sunday was an encouragement to him, his family, and the First Antioch membership.

    Thanks, Mt. Sinai, for your presence and participation in these services. Our pastors, musicians, choir members, ushers, have helped lead in these services. And our congregation has been present in a great way. The Paradise service was on Memorial Day weekend. But the congregation still showed up, anyway. I am truly blessed to pastor such good people. Thank you, Mt. Sinai. I love you!


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.