Speaking @ the Vallejo Citywide Revival

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  • I’m an idiot.

    I missed my flight to Oakland this morning. I tried to check my bag in and looked at my ticket information, only to discover that I was right on time for my return flight on Saturday, not my departing flight today. So I am had to catch a standby flight. Good thing Oakland is only a hour’s flight away from Los Angeles.

    Before I move on, let me repeat the point of that last paragraph loud and clear: I am an idiot! I don’t have any other excuse to offer.

    Anyway, I am here to preach the Vallejo Citywide Revival. The meeting has been going on since Sunday. My friend, Pastor Elliot Ivey, preached the first three nights. I am to do the last three nights.

    This is my fourth year doing this meeting. And it has been a great blessing each time. My first two years I preached with Dr. Robert Smith of the New Bethel Church in Detroit. I did the first three nights. Last year, Dr. W.T. Glenn from Fort Worth did the opening three nights, and I closed the meeting.

    In fact, last year an emergency prevented Pastor Glenn from being here. So Pastor Ivey spoke in his place. That was the first time I heard of Elliot Ivey. But we have met and become friends since then. And he can flat out preach! I regret that I did not get a chance to hear him.

    The last two years, Crystal and the kids have come to this meeting with me. There is a Six Flags park right across the street from the hotel where I usually stay. So they would come up and we would hang out during the day. But Crystal and the kids just got home from a trip to Orlando with my sister and niece. They went to the Gospel music workshop. But not really. They really went to Disneyworld! And I think Crystal has had her fill of airplanes, hotels, and amusement parks. So they didn’t/won’t make the trip this time.

    Please pray for me as I preach these three nights. May the Lord give the increase!


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.