Speaking @ the 2011 OKC Simultaneous Revival

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  • I am in Oklahoma City. I am preaching for Pastor John A. Reed, Jr. and the Fairview Baptist Church.

    Dr. Reed and my father were great, longtime friends. And my father preached this meeting for some years. I remember my dad preaching three times on Easter Sunday morning and then we would change clothes and hit the road. He would drive to Oklahoma City and we would arrive in time for him to preach Monday night.

    When my father passed, “Uncle John” became “Pop” to me.

    I was invited to preach this meeting the year after my father’s death. And I have been preaching it since with, with the exception of a several years. The entire Fairview congregation is family to me. And it was good to see familiar faces again and to preach to this precious congregation one more time.

    Without a doubt, my life and ministry have been richly blessed by participating in this meeting over the years. And I am glad to have the opportunity to participate in this great meeting again.

    For the record, a “simultaneous” revival is when a group of churches hold revival services at the same time. In the evening, each congregation meets with its own preaching. At noon, there is a mass service preached by one of the guests. And here in OKC there is even a late-night service, with even more preaching!

    Last night, my boyhood friend, Reginald Payne preached the late-night service. Reginald and I have been friends since we were boys. He didn’t have a choice. His mother “Aunt Pat,” to me) would make Reggie, who is a little older than I am, take me with him a lot. Since he was kind of stuck with me, we became friends. We both starting preaching as boys. And Reginald served as my assistant at Mt. Sinai until he was called to his own congregation, which he has been serving now for some 18 years.

    It was great to hear Reginald preach last night. I was so encouraged. And my heart was filled with gratitude as I thought of the goodness of the Lord in my life. To hear Reginald – now a seasoned pastor and preacher – reminded me of how far the Lord has brought us over the years. Praise God!

    Likewise, my mother and other family members live here in Oklahoma City. My mom, little sister, and cousin were in worship last night. It is a treat to see family.

    Please pray for the meeting this week. I have four more sermons to preach – three at Fairview, and I am the late-night speaker Thursday evening.

    Please pray for all the guest evangelists who are ministering the word this week. Pray for every pastor and congregation participating in this meeting. May souls be saved, lives be changed, and church’s be revived to the glory of God.


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.