Speaking @ Greater Burnette Baptist Church

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  • I am in Detroit, Michigan. How am I doing? When I landed yesterday afternoon, it was 18 degrees. It was supposed to have dropped to 8 degrees last night – I was sequestered in my hotel room long before that had an opportunity to happen. And there is supposed to be a slight heat wave today – 20 something degrees. And it is supposed to snow again tomorrow. My daughter told me this morning that I should have watched the news and brought my gloves – never mind that she has never seen my with a pair of gloves ever in her life. But I understand her concern. I am almost tempted to get some gloves. On second thought, no I’m not. I’ll just stay in my room until preaching time.

    Anyway, I am here preaching Founder’s Week Revival at the Burnette Church, hosted by Pastor Nathaniel Caldwell. He is the son of the founding pastor – the late Dr. J. Allen Caldwell. Dr. Caldwell first invited me to preach during Holy Week, 1990. And I have preached at Burnette almost every year since then. Dr. Caldwell went to heaven in 2005, and Pastor Nathaniel is continuing his the great work of this historic church.

    We had a pretty good opening night last night. And I am looking forward to these next two nights of worship, prayer, and preaching. And then I am looking forward to getting by to sunny California before I become a “HBcycle.”

    Pray for me.


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.