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  • Last night, our fifteenth pastoral anniversary celebration kicked-off. Dr. A.D. Iverson brought the message. He is the pastor of the historic Paradise Baptist Church in our city. He preached my installation fifteen years ago. And he has been a consistent friend over the years. I have had the privilege of preaching at Paradise on a number of occasions. And I always enjoy my times of fellowship with Pastor Iverson. He and I have something unique in common, in that we both pastor the churches our fathers served for many years.

    Dr. Iverson preached from Luke 10:17-20. His title was, “Something to Shout About.” He only preached about 20 minutes. And his message wasn’t deep or heavy. It was a simple reminder that we must not take credit for the work the Lord does through us. And that our greatest joy ought to be that our names are written in heaven. Likewise, Copelia L., one of our newer members, sung one of my favorite hymns: “Only What You Do For Christ Will Last.” It was very moving. I was also greatly encouraged by the words of Lisa W. She spoke of the two messages that have stood out to her since she has been a member of MSMBC. She spoke of several things she has observed that cause her to respect me. And she offered God’s blessings to me with the same words I offer God’s blessings to the church when we meet together: Numbers 6:24-26. I was moved to tears. Also, my friend, Pastor Nathaniel Haley and members of the 1st Antioch Church were present. It is always good to be the company of Nate. He is one of the very fine younger pastors of our city.

    My brother, Kevin Willis, and his wife, Linda, made it to town safely today. He is scheduled to preach the message in tomorrow night’s service. I spent most of the afternoon with him. It’s good to see him. I didn’t know how much I missed him until I saw him today. I was just with him several months ago, during his pastoral anniversary. But I think that may be the issue. Because of our schedules, we only get to see one another when some type of “work” is involved. I pray that real soon we get to just spend some “down time” together (whatever that is). But I really do look forward to hearing him tomorrow night. Likewise, some of the “Sons of Sinai” should be present for that service, as well. It should be a great meeting. My our praises go higher and the celebration goes forward. Truly we have something to shout about.


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.