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  • It is late (or early, depending on how you view it). I am in San Diego to preach for Pastor Timothy Winters and the Bayview Baptist Church through Wednesday evening. Crystal and the kids came down with me for the weekend. San Diego is a special place for me and Crystal. So we don’t need to have much of an excuse to drive down to San Diego. And the kids just like going somewhere… anywhere. So they were also excited about coming down with me. We got here this afternoon and spent a slow, quiet, and leisurely evening together. We didn’t do much of anything in particular, which is just the way we like it. And we all went to bed quite early. However, I woke up some time ago and have not been able to go back to sleep. As I write this post, my family is knocked out sleep. I’ve been making noise over the past hour, but that has not phased them one bit. They are able to sleep through an earthquake. I am a very light sleeper, who wakes up constantly throughout the night many times. Something woke me up (I’m not sure what the noise was), and I have been awake sense then. I hope to get back to sleep soon. I have to preach twice in the morning, during the 7:45 and 11 AM services at Bayview.

    Pastor Winters is a humble man, a great teacher, and a faithful pastor. And Bayview is one of the leading congregations in San Diego. I have been here a few times before. When I first started preaching the citywide revival here some years ago, the evening services were held at Bayview. That’s how I met Pastor Winters. During those times I got to see Pastor Winters and Bayview in action, up close. And I have been so blessed and encouraged by their ministry example. On several occassions, Pastor Winters has invited me back to preach various meetings at Bayview. But this is the first time I have ever done a series of meetings at Bayview. Bayview is a good preaching place. And I trust and pray that this will be a fruitful meeting.

    My friend, Pastor Q. Chad Foster from Houston, is in Los Angeles to preach at Mt. Sinai for our Lord’s Day service. Likewise, this Sunday our congregation will give a special offering to support Missions. These Missions offerings are new for us, and are scheduled for each fifth Sunday of the year. The congregation gave very generously in our last offering in January. I am praying that they will give even more this Sunday. It is our desire to give to a group that ministers to homeless women and children in Los Angeles. Did you know that Los Angeles is the homeless capital of America? And did you know that fifty percent of the people on the streets each night are women and children? This group specifically ministers to this group. And I praise God for the opportunity to support their work. A representative from this ministry is scheduled to speak in our worship service this morning. I pray that the presentation will move the saints to give generously. Likewise, we intend to support our friend brother Alex Matthai of Hope International Ministries, a missonary group that targets the lost in India. Brother Alex is scheduled to go there in the next month to prepare the Bible college he has planted there to preare for its upcoming school year. Our giving will help support that great work, as well. May the Lord bless MSMBC to have a rich day of worship and fellowship, even in my absence.


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.