Saturday Shout-Outs: RAAN, 40th Birthday, & Ministry Links

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  • Saturday Shout-outs is my weekly bulletin board where I make note of the things that caught my attention over the course of the week.

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    I am celebrating my 40th birthday this weekend. My birthday is Monday. I was born about 2 hours away from being born on the same day as my mother, whose birthday is Sunday, February 10.

    I saw my two favorite basketball teams play this weekend. The Miami Heat crushed the Los Angeles Clippers. Repeat!

    The Reform African-American Network posted a written interview with me this week. You can read it here. 10 Guidelines for Avoiding Indecent Exposure in the Pulpit by H.B. Charles, Jr.

    A shout-out to Tim Challies for linking to my article, “On Sermon Illustrations,” this week on his blog.

    Audio/Video now available from Desiring God’s 2013 Pastor’s Conference

    The Gospel Coalition: You asked: Should I get ‘Re-Baptized’? (Credobaptist Answer)

    Ray Pritchard: “Who Is That Man?” Free Lenten Ebook 

    CCEF: Counselor Self-Disclosure: How Much Should I Talk about Me? 

    Barnabas Piper: Should We Cheer for God?

    Thom Rainer: Nine Characteristics of Happy Churches

    Trillia Newbell: Beyonce’: Power or Bondage?

    Justin Taylor: An Interview with Lecrae on PBS

    Marci Turner: Unequally Yoked: What to do when your husband is an unbeliever 

    Steve McCoy: Advice for Parenting Young Kids

    The exegetical process doesn’t end with understanding; it ends with application. Preaching is not just about “this is what this means”; it is also about “this is what it means to live in light of what this means.” – Paul David Tripp

    Do you have any shout-outs? Have you read something this week worth sharing? JOin the conversation in the comments section. 


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.