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  • Thanks again for reading my blog. And thanks for sharing my posts with others.

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    A big shout-out to Pastor George Hurtt and the Mt. Sinai Baptist Church of Los Angles for the opportunity to minister the word during their Church Institute this week.

    Mt. Sinai is my home church. I cannot describe what an honor it is to be invited home to preach again. I am grateful for their ongoing prayers, kindness, encouragement, and support.

    Thanks to Pastor Prentiss Lewis who brought his Bible study to the meeting Tuesday night. When I served in Los Angeles, I preached at Greater Starlight every year. It was good to renew fellowship again.

    Some of you have asked how the book is coming along. Answer: Slowly. Please continue to cover this writing project in your prayers.

    Speaking of Church Institutes… Next week (Sept. 26-28), we will hold our Fall Church Institute at the Shiloh Church. Shelia Bailey will teach out women. Lloyd Blue will teach our men. And David Olford will teach on Bible interpretation. Ralph Douglas West will be our keynote speaker.

    Congratulations to Pastor Romell Williams and the Lilydale Baptist Church of Chicago, as you celebrate 8 years together as pastor and people.

    I have only been able to play with Apple’s new iOS 6 a little. But so far it’s wonderful. And the new iPhone is so pretty. Can’t wait.

    How can you conduct yourself in a manner that is worthy of the gospel during corporate worship?

    I fully agree with this list of 7 things a wife cannot do.

    Here are 4 ways to pray for your pastor in preparation for Sunday.

    Christian discipleship requires more than a podcast preacher.

    Philip Doddridge teaches 10 lessons from faithful ministry without revival.

    This is a prayer for repenting of driven-ness and busyness.

    How does a pastor shepherd widows and widowers who desire cohabitation?

    The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife? When Sensationalism Masquerades as Scholarship

    Consider these 4 reasons to leave a staff position vacant.

    Joel Osteen “stays in his lane” again on CNN, giving empty self-help theories rather than sound biblical truth.

    Here is a website dedicated to Charles Spurgeon quotes.

    This is a list of the top 200 Christian/Church blogs.

    Check out the new ESV Global Study Bible Crossway is publishing.

    Some preachers leave the impression with their congregations that they believe “God is dead,” and they are there to preach his funeral! Come on, brother, loosen up your halo. You will feel better if you do and certainly your congregation will. – J.D. Grey

    Have you read something this week work sharing? Any shout-outs? Join the conversation in the comments section.


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.