Saturday Shout-Outs: Expositors Summit, Reformation Day, & Ministry Links

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    HBCharles_SBTS_webThanks for praying for me this week, as I spoke at The Expositors Summit at the Southern Seminary. I am always grateful for the kindness of Dr. Albert Mohler and thankful for his faithful proclamation and defense of the gospel.  It was also a joy to meet and hear Dr. Derek Thomas for the first time, after reading so much of his writings over the years.

    Southern Seminary: Preaching demands convictional courage, speakers say at Southern Seminary’s Expositors Summit 

    Florida Baptist Witness: Southern Seminary’s Expositors Summit: Preaching demands convictional courage

    Reformation Day

    R.C. Sproul: Is the Reformation Over? 

    Kevin DeYoung: The Reformation Gave Us a Seat at the Table

    Jon Bloom: Reformation Day: Jesus Came Knocking 


    Michael Diduit: Is Halloween a Christian Holiday 

    Ryan Reaves: A Halloween Autopsy

    Russell Moore: Halloween and Evangelical Identities

    Mike McKinley: Should Christians Take Part in Halloween Celebrations? 

    Ministry Links

    Martin Luther: Your Praise is Not the Boss of Me!

    Erik Raymond: Beware of the Selfie-Preacher

    Jason K. Allen: Five Words that Weaken Every Sermon

    Joe Carter: 9 Things You Should Know About Pastors

    Thom Rainer: Six Reasons Why Pastors and Church Leaders Must Be More Courageous Today

    Tim Grant: Tips for Being a False Teacher

    Paul Maxwell: Five Points for All Our Fears

    BOOK OF THE WEEK: Since it is Reformation Day, it only seems appropriate to recommend The Reformation Study Bible.

    WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: Check out the updated Albert Mohler website and also download the new app. I also recommend you read Dr. Mohler’s new book, We Cannot Be Silent.


    Do you have any shout-outs or ministry links to share? Join the conversation in the comments section. 

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    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.