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  • Thanks for read my blog. I hope you find it helpful.

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    We held our Fall Church Institute at Shiloh this week. It was three good nights of Bible Study, worship, and dynamic preaching.

    Shelia Bailey taught our women. Lloyd Blue taught the men. And David Olford taught on Bible interpretation.

    Our keynote speaker, Ralph Douglas West, enriched us as he on several Gospel narratives that record powerful encounters with Christ. He called the series, “Have a Little Talk with Jesus.”

    Shout-out to Cameron Triggs for leading our youth sessions this week, as Pastor Donald attended to his family.

    We are praying for our Youth Pastor, Donald Lewis, as both of his grandmothers passed away this week.

    A big shout-out to all of the Shiloh staff and volunteers! Thanks for your tireless service this week. You make it happen!

    I had the privilege of interviewing our guest speakers. You can view the Shelia Bailey interview here.

    I plan to post the interview with Ralph West next week. We talked for more than two hours! Dan will have to break it up into several parts. And we will post it all over the course of several days. Stay tuned. It was fantastic.

    There is a free download of a dramatized version of the ESV New Testament. But you must get it fast.

    Here is a prayer for fresh gospel renewal and the restoration of joy.

    Here are seven suggestions for processing pain in your life.

    Good advice for preachers and the critics.

    Should a pastor seek to preach a “home run” sermon every week?

    Is your staff or ministry team healthy? Here is a checklist for healthy teams.

    What do you think about these five reasons why should seriously consider writing a book?

    Have you learned the simple power of one a day?

    You need to learn how to load a dishwasher by faith!

    A young pastor rightly asks, “What happened to the Bible?” 

    How often do you see this? A CEO apologizes. I love Apple.

    Aren’t you glad we will get to criticize the regular NFL refs this weekend?

    Where Christ is truly preached, there is the gospel; and where the gospel is truly believed, there is the church. – Mark E. Ross

    What did you read this week that you found helpful? Anything worth sharing? Join the conversation in the comments section.


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.