Saturday Shout-Outs: Christmas, McKissick, & Ministry Links

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  • Saturday Shout-Outs is my weekly “bulletin board” of things I have read or noticed over the course of the week.

    Merry Christmas!

    Thanks for reading my blog this week. And thanks for your comments. You can sign-up for email updates of future posts under the picture to the left.

    Shout-out to Roger Sears and the music department of the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church for a wonderful Christmas Musical this past Wednesday night!

    Check out my interview with Dr. Rudolph Waldo McKissick Sr. – Part 1 and Part 2.

    I found a new Spurgeon app: Daily Faith. It’s free until the end of the year!

    I also found a new Spurgeon app: Charles Spurgeon: A Historical Collection. It is so not free.

    Barnabas Piper raises an important question: Must every tragedy be a lesson? 

    Thabiti Anyabwile: Bishop Mania and Confusion about Biblical Church Leadership. Great article drawn from a interesting clip about what it means to be a legitimate “bishop.”

    Thom Rainer: The To Seven Regrets of Pastors.

    The Gospel Coalition: What’s the best thing you did for your kids? 

    Practical Shepherding: How does a pastor address his unnecessary speech in public prayers and sermons? Very helpful for a serial culprit of “unnecessary speech, like me.

    9 Marks: Choose t be Attracted to Your Wife (or Potential Wife) 

    The Cripplegate: The 12 Best-Selling John MacArthur Books.

    Ray Pritchard has posted 47 Christmas sermon manuscripts on the Keep Believing Website.

    Ron Edmondson: 7 Things to Cover in Premarital Counseling

    Brian Dodd: 18 Practices of Highly Effective Churches who Partner with their Local Schools

    Jerry Jenkins: Writing is hard work! 

    The CopyBot: 8 Rules Every Writer Should Live By 

    No one is more influential in your life than you are, because no one talks to you more than you do. – Paul David Tripp

    Do you have any shout-outs? Did you read anything this week worthy sharing? Join the conversation in the comments section. 


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.