Saturday Shout-Outs: 15 Years, R.A. Williams, & Ministry Links

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  • Thanks for reading my weekly bulletin board, Saturday Shout-Outs. You can sign up for email updates of future posts under the picture to the left.

    Thanks for the kind and warm congratulations as Crystal and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary this past Thursday.

    Check my interview with Dr. R.A. Williams Jr.

    Hope to see you at the Jacksonville Pastor’s Conference 2014!

    R. Albert Mohler: Nelson Mandela and the Ironies of History

    Tim Cantrell: How One South African Pastor Prayed Yesterday

    Ryan Huguley: 5 Ways to Love Your Pastor’s Kids

    Thom Rainer: When a Pastor Receives an Anonymous Letter

    Mike Leake: 7 Ways Social Media Makes Pastoring More Difficult

    Tim Challies: The Dark Side of Christian Celebrity

    Trevin Wax: How to Get People to Read the Bible Without Making Them Feel Dumb

    Andy Naselli: Murray Harris’ 6-Page Expanded Paraphrase of Colossians

    Tim Keller: Tim Keller On Writing and Ministry

    Any Crouch: The Real Problem with Mark Driscoll’s ‘Citation Errors’

    Sarah Pulliam Bailey: Meet Sally Lloyd-Jones, the Most Successful Christian Author You’ve Never Heard Of

    Anthony Carter: Keeping Black Christians at Arm’s Length

    R.C. Sproul: What Does the X in Xmas Mean? 

    A man does not preach heartily to his people, if he does not pray earnestly for them. – Richard Baxter

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    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.