Saturday Shout-Out: New Orleans, Mother’s Day, & Ministry Links

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  • Thanks for reading my blog. Saturday Shout-Outs is my weekly bulletin board of things I find interesting and helpful. You can sign-up for email updates of future post in the side panel.


    Happy Mother’s Day to my wife, Crystal! I love you! Thank you for everything you do for me and our three Terrorists… I mean, children.



    A big shout-out to Dr. Fred Luter for the opportunity to preach at the great Franklin Avenue Baptist Church this week. What a pastor! What a church! What a meeting!

    Check out this week’s post: Three Keys to Effective Sermon Preparation

    I hope to see you next week at the National Conference on Preaching 2014 in Atlanta.

    I am scheduled to speak at the Moody Pastors’ Conference. It will be my first time speaking for this event. I am looking forward to it and hope to see you there.

    CIS Conf logo 2014Registration is open for the Cutting It Straight Expository Preaching Conference I will host at the Shiloh Church in Jacksonville on September 24-26, 2014. Make plans to meet us for this great event. And tell your friends.

    Brad Lomenick: 12 Tips to Help You be a better Speaker and Communicator

    Kevin DeYoung: How to Lead a Good Prayer Meeting

    Eric Geiger: 4 Ways Pride Can Destroy a Team

    Joe Carter: 9 Things You Should Know About Prayer in the Bible 

    Vance Christie: Charles Spurgeon & Christ-like Responses to Critics

    Donald Miller: Read These Seven Books, and You’ll be a Better Writer

    John Piper: Walking the Wedding Aisle Without Your Virginity

    William Boekestein: The Beauty of Submission in Marriage

    J. Lee Grady: 6 Really Bad Charismatic Doctrines We Should Retire R

    . Albert Mohler: “I Feel Super Great About Having an Abortion” – The Culture of Death Goes Viral

    Ishaan Tharoor: 8 Questions you want answered about Nigeria’s missing schoolgirls

    RevisionThere are three kinds of preachers: the ones you can listen to, the ones you cannot listen to, and the ones you must listen to. I desire to be the kind of preacher that you must listen to. But that requires more than desire. It requires hard work. And the hard work never ends, if you take your preaching assignment seriously. – H.B. Charles Jr., On Preaching, p. 10

    Do you have any shout-outs or ministry links to share? I would love for you to share your comments.


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.