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  • I resumed my study of Joshua yesterday in our morning services. My text was Joshua 4. I did not preach through the entire outline in either service. But I was able to get out the key points I wanted to make. Here is the sermon skeleton.

    TITLE: “Don’t Forget to Remember”

    TEXT: Joshua 4

    THEME: The importance of remembering God

    POINT: God commands you to remember who he is and what he has done for you.

    PROBING QUESTION: Why is it important to deliberately and constantly remember who God is and what God has done?

    PURPOSE: The purpose of this message is to challenge the hearer to take deliberate steps to continually remember the Person and Work of God.

    TRANSITIONAL SENTENCE: The memorial stones Israel set up after crossing the Jordan teaches us three reasons why we should remember God.


    I. The Lord commands us to remember what he has done for us (4:1-9).

    A. You need spiritual reminders for where the Lord is taking you (vv. 2-3).

    B. You need spiritual reminders of where the Lord has brought you (v. 9).

    II. The Lord has done too much for us to forget his work on our behalf (4:10-19).

    A. God fulfills his promises to us (v. 14).

    B. God provides a way out of no way for us (vv. 15-18).

    C. God completes what he has begun in us (v. 19).

    III. The Lord is glorified when we remember him (4:20-24).

    A. The next generation needs to meet our God (vv. 6-7, 21-23).

    B. The unbelieving world needs to know our God (v. 24a).

    C. You and I need to recognize how great our God is (v. 24b).


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.