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  • The Lord really helped me through a long weekend. I continued my series on the “One Another” commands in Sunday School. Yesterday’s lesson was on “Serving One Another.” I was not able to finish the lesson, so I will have to do a part 2. In our worship service, I concluded our preaching series on the Ten Commandments with a message entitled, “Overcoming Covetousness” (Exodus 20:17). I was not really tired at all, even though I should have been. In fact, after I gave the benediction, you could have easily convinced me to preach again. But that all changed about an hour or so later. Fatigue mugged me. But Crystal and I had given our word that we would attend the closing service of my pastor’s anniversary celebration at Mt. Moriah. So we went. Afterward, we came home and hung out at the house with the kids until we all fell asleep.

    I had a 6 AM flight through Chicago to Louisville. I am here to preach the opening night of a revival for Dr. Walter Malone at the Canaan Christian Church. I have never Pastor Malone before. And I have never been to the Canaan Church. But we have mutual friends. And I have heard much about the great work Pastor Malone and his congregation is doing here in Louisville. For some reason, I am unusually nervous. But I trust the Lord is going to use me tonight to preach the word. I am not sure who the other two speakers are. But I pray that this opening night will bless, edify, and challenge this pastor and congregation in their ongoing work of fulfilling the Great Commission.


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.