Pray for a Busy Week of Preaching and Teaching

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  • Tuesday begins a busy week of preaching in which I am scheduled to preach 11 sermons in 8 days in 3 different cities.

    Tuesday: I am to preach the third week of the A.W.E. (April Word Experience) hosted by Pastor Kevin L. Pullam and the Friendship Baptist Church of Corpus Christi, Texas.

    Wednesday: I will come home to preach our Midweek Service at Shiloh. I plan to continue our study of the Sermon on the Mount with a message on Matthew 5:38-42 entitled, “Radical Retaliation.”

    Thursday: Our congregation will worship with Pastor Leophric Thomas and the Open Arms Christian Fellowship here in Jacksonville. I will be preaching their church anniversary and celebration of their new facilities.

    Friday: I am to preach for Pastor Curtis Monroe for the closing night of the spring revival at Redeemer Baptist Church in Los Angeles.

    Saturday: I am to speak twice for the annual Men’s Conference sponsored by the Los Angeles Bible Training School (President Paul Felix). The service will be hosted by Pastor Carl Hargrove and the Fairview Heights Baptist Church.

    Sunday: I am to preach the three morning worship services for Pastor George E. Hurtt at Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles.

    My friend, Romell Williams, Pastor of the Lilydale Baptist Church of Chicago, will be our guest speaker at Shiloh during our two morning worship services at 8 and 10 AM.

    Sunday night, I am to attend the 35th pastoral anniversary for my Pastor, Dr. Melvin V. Wade, at the Mt. Moriah Baptist Church of Los Angeles.

    Monday: I am to be “the Order of the Day” (preacher) for the Baptist Minister’s Conference of Los Angeles and Vicinity. Monday evening I am to speak for the chapel service at the Los Angeles Bible Training School (President Paul Felix).

    Please remember this busy week of preaching and teaching in your prayers.


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.