Palm Sunday

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  • It was good to be back in my own pulpit this past Sunday. In my Sunday School class, I finished the opening lesson of my new series on the one another” commands of the New Testament. The lessons was on “Loving One Another.” This coming Sunday, I intend to continue to the series with a lesson on “Forgiving One Another.” In our worship service, I preached the ninth part of my series on the Ten Commandments: “Tell the Truth” (Exodus 20:16). I plan to preach the final message of this series on the fourth Sunday, after we get past Holy Week. I am working on a message on Matthew 26:36-46 for Good Friday. And I am working on a message from John 20:24-29 for Easter.

    Today, I am in the office catching up on work and preparing myself to get on a plane in the morning. I have staff meeting this afternoon. And then I plan to spend the evening with Crystal and the kids. In the morning, I will be headed to Detroit to preach three days at the Burnette Baptist Church, where the late Dr. J. Allen Caldwell was the pastor. His son, Dr. Nathan Caldwell, is now the pastor. It will be my first time there since Pastor J. Allen’s funeral last summer. I hear, however, that the church is going strong under Pastor Nathan’s leadership. That is good news to here. I look forward to getting there and seeing for myself how God is at work in the life of Burnette Church.


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.