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  • So I came home this morning to pick something up. I wasn’t in the house for five minutes. But when I got back into the car, it wouldn’t start. I went back inside and waited a few minutes (as if that would do anything). But it still didn’t start. So I called AAA (#1) to come out. The AAA guy came a gave me a jump. I let the car run for 20 or so minutes. And then I headed for the office again. I decided to go to a local bookstore to pick up a book that I wanted. I was in the store for twenty minutes. But when I came out, the car wouldn’t start again. So I missed staff meeting, sitting in a parking lot waiting for AAA to come out (#2). I got a chance to read a good piece of the book I had just bought waiting for the AAA guy to show up. And when he did, he gave me a jump. All was well. Then I headed to the church. But the car stopped again. This time in the middle of Sepulvada. So I called AAA again (#3). And this time they didn’t send a guy to give me a jump. This time, they sent a tow truck out, who towed me to the car dealership. I was there for quite a while before they got my car processed and gave me a loaner, so I could get to the office. I finally made it to the office and was able to finish my preparations for our church meeting tonight (which went well, by the way). But it had to be the Lord. I was tired, distracted, and frustrated. Nothing seemed to go right today. But the Lord kept my mind and heart on him. I prayed as I waited for the AAA guy(s). I am very excited about that. I had not control over my day. But I had control over my attitude about my God. Praise the Lord for the fruit of the Spirit!


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.