Notes from Sunday – 6/29/08

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  • Saturday, MSMBC hosted a community day in which we prepared food, games, and information for our neighbors. I was a good time of meeting guests and fellowship with one another. Hat’s off to our Transition Team for your hard and faithful work!

    Yesterday, was a long, good day. To be sure, it was full of adventure. But the Lord was gracious to me and helped me fulfill my assignments all day.

    I led the corporate singing portion of our service yesterday. I don’t sing that often anymore. But I love to sing the praises of God. It is a wonderful privilege to lead God’s people in grateful praise to him.

    We emphasize missions on 5th Sundays at MSMBC. Yesterday, Norberta gave a testimony about her recent short-term (medical) mission trip to Africa. It was inspiring and challenging. May the Lord raise up more members in our church who have a heart and calling for missions work.

    Please pray for my brother and colleague, Pastor George Hurtt, who left last night for a short-term missions trip to Haiti.

    God will give you strength as it is needed!

    I continued our series on the Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount with a message on Matthew 5:9, which I called, “Joining the Family Business.”

    I don’t know what was up in our 8 AM service. It seemed that everything that could go wrong did go wrong. I was flabbergasted by it all. And it made it really difficult for me to preach. But I was reminded this morning that when things do go as we plan, the Holy Spirit makes the difference. Then I was further reminded that even when everything goes according to schedule, it is still the Holy Spirit who makes the difference.

    The 10 AM service was like night and day from the first service. It was a warm service. The congregation was very attentive. And I was able to relax and preach without some of the distractions that affected the first service.

    There was a dynamic at work in the 10 AM service that was a first for me. No comment.

    Yesterday afternoon, I preached the 50th church anniversary service for Bethany Baptist Church of West Los Angeles. Dr. Rocellia Johnson is the Senior-Pastor. Dr. L.A. Kessee is the Executive-Pastor. This is one of the great churches of our city, known for its commitment to evangelism. And they completed the building of a new facility about a year ago. It was an honor to be invited to preach this special occasion for.

    For some reason, I thought and announced that I was preached Pastor Kessee’s pastoral anniversary service. I didn’t know it was the church’s anniversary until I arrived and looked at the program. Yet another example of how clueless I can be at times.

    I preached Psalm 23 – “Living with Confidence in God.”

    After the afternoon service, I woman introduced herself to me that said Mt. Sinai was the first church she attended after moving to Los Angeles 48 years ago. She told me how much I reminder her of my father. What a compliment!

    I got swept by audio equipment yesterday. Microphones – 3/HBC2 – 0.

    Of course, when I finished preaching my final sermon last night, I got in the bed and passed out as soon as possible. Good sleep.

    One more thing. This morning, I walked the little more than two miles from my home to the church for morning prayer. It was not a marathon or anything. But I am rather proud of myself.


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.