Notes from Sunday – 6/24/12

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  • Long weekend. Very long weekend.

    We have a good day of worship today at Shiloh.

    We had a lot of special guests in worship today. A high school reunion. A large youth ministry. Several politicians. And the chair of the Democratic National Committee.

    Praise God for the brother we baptized today.

    We had parent-child dedications today. One little fellow screamed when I laid hands on him during prayer. But after church, he let me pick him up and didn’t want to leave. See there, first impressions are not always lasting impressions

    The music was good today.

    I preached a message from Psalm 61 that I labeled, “When God Seems Far Away.”

    Sermon Point: You can never be so far away that God cannot hear you when you call.


    I.     Pray with confidence in what the Lord has done (61:1-4).

    II.     Pray with confidence in what the Lord will do (61:5-8).

    I have tried to preach Psalm 61 for several weeks now. I was very eager to preach it today. And I look forward to preaching it again, God willing.

    The congregation made me work hard today. But I hope they found this message helpful.

    Praise God for those who trusted Christ and were added to the church today.

    I am not sure if you heard. This may be breaking news. Here goes: The Miami Heat are the 2012 NBA Champions. And LeBron James is the Finals MVP. Just saying.

    For the record, “Not one, not two, not three, not four…” may end up being prophetic.

    Who said boxing is dying? Whoever they are, they did not see the Victor Ortiz/Josesito Lopez fight Saturday night.

    Quick recap. Ortiz is trying to make a comeback, after being knocked-out by Floyd Mayweather. He was scheduled to fight Andre Berto. But he was suspended for taking performance-enhancing drugs. Josesito Lopez was a last-minute replacement, who broke Ortiz’s jaw and won a 9-th round TKO upset. Boxing at its best!

    Now that football and basketball seasons are over, I guess I will have to focus of MLB. Go Yankees!

    Spoiler Alert! I would have never guessed that “Brave” would have been about fighting bears. Did I miss something?


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.