Notes from Sunday – 1/8/12

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  • Yesterday began Prayer Emphasis Week 2012 at the ShilohMetropolitan Baptist Church.
    What better way is there to start a new year than in prayer?
    This week we give ourselves to pray as a church family,seeking God’s face, submitting ourselves to God, and petitions God’s blessingson our disciple-making efforts.
    Our congregation will pray through prayer guides this weekthat will enable us to be praying about the same things throughout this week.
    There will be prayer meetings each day this week at thechurch from 12-1 PM.
    Pastor Carison Adams of the St. Paul Baptist Church inMarion, Indiana, will be our guest speaker Wednesday. He will lead our middayprayer meeting at noon. He will also be our guest speaker during our MidweekWorship Service, Wednesday evening at 7 PM.
    We will also have an all-night prayer meeting from Fridaynight (10 PM) to Saturday morning (6 AM). I will teach the “Midnight Special.”
    I led a mass Bible study during our Bible Study Fellowshiphour. I taught: “Pray for your Church.” No comment.
    We had many guests in worship yesterday. Way cool.
    Our children’s choir sang in our 10:15 service and did agreat job.
    Praise God for those who were baptized yesterday asfollowers of Christ and new members of the body of Christ.
    I preached from John 14:12-14. I called it “Following Christwith Great Expectations.”
    I argued three reasons why we should follow Christ withgreat expectations:
    1. We have a sovereign promise that enables us to do great things for God (14:12). 
    2. We have a special partner that enables us to do great things for God (14:12). 
    3. We have a sacred privilege that enables us to do great things for God (14:13-14). 
    John 14:12-14 is not an easy text to preach.
    Praise God for those who were saved and added to the churchin our services yesterday!
    I plan to preach a message entitled, “What To Do When ThingsGo Bad,” 2 Chronicles 7:12-14.
    The NFL playoffs got off to a great start this weekend.
    The Tim Tebow led Denver Broncos beat the Pittsburg Stealersin overtime yesterday, 29-23. It was a good day.

    The New York Giants beat down the Atlanta Falcons yesterday,24-2. It was not a good game.
    As for Saturday’s wild card games… The Saints whipped the Lions. Sorry George. And the Texans whipped the Bengals. 
    I have no predictions. But I am enjoying the playoffs so far. Can’t wait! 
    As for tonight’s BCS national championship game, I predict Alabama will defeat LSU, unless LSU defeats Alabama!

    One more thing.

    Brodes Perry should not be allowed to the the video announcements ever again! LOL


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.