Notes from Sunday – 12/4/11

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  • It was so good to be home with my church family this weekend!

    Last week, I was in Antigua and Barbuda, speaking for the Eastern Caribbean Baptist Mission led by Dr. Jensworth W.C. Jonas. Crystal joined me on the trip. And we had a great time.

    I look forward to future Missions partnership with Dr. Jonas and the ECBM.

    Saturday night, John P. Kee was in concert on our campus. John P. Kee!

    John Kee did not see “Jesus is Real.” What’s up with that?

    One of my favorite female Gospel voices – Lejuene Thompson – was singing backup. I wish I had the opportunity to hear her sing more.

    Thanks to all our staff and volunteers who prepared for the concert Saturday and then got the campus ready for worship Sunday. You make it happen!

    We had a wonderful celebration of the Lord’ Supper in both of our services.

    I was glad to have our guests in worship with us.

    I forgot to do our “Fighter Verses” in both services. It is a weird irony that I forgot our memory verse!

    I preached “Out of the Depths” from Psalm 130.

    I argued that God is able to take you from the depths of personal despair to the heights of divine favor.

    Psalm 130 teaches us what to do to move the hand of God to reach you and lift you out of the depths:

    I. Cry out for God’s mercy (130:1-2).
    II. Remember God’s goodness (130:3-4).
    III. Wait on God’s promises (130:5-6).
    IV. Proclaim God’s redemption (130:7-8).

    I plan to preach the psalms over the next few weeks. I love praying David’s harp!

    Praise God for those who were saved and added to the church in our worship services yesterday.

    Yesterday was our youth pastor’s last day. We are praying for Pastor Andrae Robinson and his family as he transitions to his new ministry position.

    After church, we shared a meal with several of our church districts who were having their Christmas fellowship. We had a good time.

    Last night, I had the privilege of speaking at the chapel service for the San Diego Chargers. It was a great time in the word of God with the brothers.

    The Cowboys lost to the Cardinals yesterday because of an inexplicably bad coaching decision in the 4th quarter. But thanks to the Giants losing to the Packers, we still lead the divisions. Go Cowboys!

    Tiger Woods won his first tournament in two years yesterday.

    Miguel Cotto beat up Antonio Margarito to win at 10th round TKO.

    The BCS Championship game will be a rematch between LSU and Alabama. I am fine with this.

    The Jags will play the Chargers tonight on Monday Night Football? Who you got?


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.