Notes from Sunday – 12/16/12

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  • Notes from Sunday is my weekly recap of my Sunday in worship and how my favorite teams and athletes did over the weekend.

    Twenty-two years ago today – December 16, 1990 – I was installed as the third pastor of Mt. Sinai Baptist Church in Los Angeles. It seems like yesterday. I am too young to have pastored for 22 years!

    safe_image.php_I continued my study of 1 Timothy 2:11-12 in my Bible Study Fellowship group today. We discussed the question, “May Women Teach or Lead Men in Church?” I really enjoy teaching this group.

    Our BSF groups ended today for the year. However, my group will meet to finish our study of this section.

    Glad to have our guests in worship today.

    Praise God for the two persons who were baptized today!

    Most weeks, I can’t wait to get to the pulpit. But there are some weeks I have to drag myself to the pulpit. Today was one of those days.

    Please, pray for me.

    I studied Psalm 42 all week. I completed a sermon skeleton, but did not feel I was ready to preach it. I think I needed Psalm 42 myself this week.

    I hope to get to preach Psalm 42 soon. I want to call it, “Overcoming Spiritual Depression.”

    I preached from Psalm 23:4b – “I Will Fear No Evil.”

    I endeavored to make a simple point today: God can handle your fears.

    The message presented three implications of this statement of confidence of God:

    1. I will not fear bad circumstances.
    2. I will not fear Satan.
    3. I will not fear death.

    I preached this sermon with a concern for the tragedy that took place in Newtown, Connecticut, this past Friday. I wanted to challenge and encourage my people to trust God with their fears.

    Praise God for those who were added to the church today!

    The Jacksonville Jaguars lost in a blowout to the Miami Dolphins, 3-24. But the Jags uniforms really do look nice!

    UPDATE: The Dallas Cowboys won a dogfight against the Pittsburg Steelers in overtime, 27-24.

    The Cowboys are now in a 3-way tie for the NFC East lead with the Giants and the Redskins. Go Cowboys!

    The Cowboys honored the late Jerry Brown with a moment of silence before the game. Interestingly, Josh Brent, the driver in the alcohol-related, one-car accident that killed Brown, was on the Cowboy’s sidelines for the game.

    I predict Alabama will blowout Notre Dame in the BCS Championship Game on January 7, 2013. What do you think?

    Saturday night, Nonita Donaire knocked-out Jorge Arce in the third round to retain his title. Arce promptly retired after the match… in the ring!

    Saturday’s fight was the last HBO Boxing telecast for longtime analysis, Larry Merchant. He has called fights as long as I have watched them. It will be weird to what fights without his colorful commentary. I nominate Max Kellerman to replace Merchant. Can I get a second?

    In other boxing news, Amir Khan stopped his two-fight losing streaking Saturday night by stopping Carlos Molina in the 10th-round.

    How was your Sunday? How did your teams do this weekend? Join the conversation in the comments section. 


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.