Notes from Sunday – 11/7/10

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  • It was coooooold yesterday!!!

    We had a good day of worship at Shiloh.

    Thanks for your continued prayers and many expressions of kindness as Crystal recovers from her surgery. Please continue to cover her with your prayers.

    Throughout the day, I was praying for three pastors I know of around the country who were beginning officially started new churches yesterday.

    I was also praying for the Diamond family and the Abyssinia Church, who funeralized their long time pastor, Dr. Tom Diamond, Saturday morning.

    I really enjoyed my time with the New Members Class yesterday. We discussed the good news of Jesus Christ. What a privilege to explain the message of the gospel of salving by grace through faith in Christ!

    Praise God for the celebration of the Lord’s Table yesterday as a church family.

    Grateful for our deacons and deaconess who serve in our congregation’s celebration of baptism and the Lord’s Supper. And grateful for all who serve behind the scenes in the church.

    We began using video announcements for the first time. It was different, but cool. We’ll see how it goes.
    It was good to have many guests in worship with us.

    I continued my study of the book of James with a message on James 1:9-11 that I call, “Boasting In What Money Cannot Buy.”

    I saw two main ideas in the text: (1) Mature Christians boast in spite of their poverty (1:9), and (2) mature Christians do not boast in their wealth (1:10-11).

    “Any trial that weans us away from the love of passing things and sets our affections on things above is a blessing in disguise.” – William McDonald

    James is a hard saying. We do not often think or act as James prescribes here. It was very challenging to meditate on this passage over the course of the week.

    I introduced the sermon with one of my dad’s stories. In the 10 AM service, I abandoned by planned conclusion and closed with another one of my dad’s story. Got away with it. But I wish I could tell them they way he used to tell them.

    I look forward to preaching on James 1:12 next Sunday, which announces a blessing to those who hang in there.

    Praise the Lord for those who were saved and added to the church yesterday.

    My beloved Dallas Cowboys lost last night to the Green Bay Packers 7-45. The free-fall continues. When will it end?

    Even though the Cowboys are losing, this has been a good NFL season. I am enjoying the competition.

    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.