Notes from Sunday – 1/15/12

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  • Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
    Yesterday ended our 2012 Prayer Emphasis Week. It hasbeen a powerful week of prayer.
    The week climaxed with our first All-Night PrayerMeeting. It started Friday night at 10 PM and went through Saturday morning at6 AM. What a time!
    Thanks to all of our staff and volunteers. It was a longweek. But you made it happen!
    Saturday afternoon, I spoke at the Christian EducationsConference for the Progressive National Baptist Convention. I spoke on thePersonal Develop of the Christian Educator. Thanks to Pastor Streeter for theinvitation and opportunity.
    We held a rally during out Bible Study Fellowship (Sundayschool) hour. The new groups were introduced. And we prayed for the BSFworkers. More than 450 new people have signed-up for a BSF group over the pasttwo weeks. We are in store for a serious space problem. Praise God!
    I am grateful for all of our guests who joined us inworship yesterday.
    Praise God for the brother who was baptized yesterday.
    The song of preparation was Yolanda Adam’s “Just a PrayerAway.” The young lady was only scheduled to sing it at 8 AM. But I asked Roger(our Minister of Music) to have her stay for our 10:15 service. I cannot getthat song out of my system now.
    I did a little bit of Albertina Walker’s “I Can Go to Godin Prayer” with the choir during the 10 AM service. I love that old schoolGospel music!
    I preached a message from Matthew 6:5-8 that I simplylabeled, “When You Pray.”
    In this passage, Jesus gives two simple but profound instructionsabout how not to pray:
    1.    Do not pray like the hypocrites (6:5-6).
    2.    Do not pray like the Gentiles (6:7-8).
    This is now what I planned to preach. But I trust it washelpful to the congregation.
    Praise God for those who were saved and added to thechurch.
    I plan to start preaching through the Epistle of 1 Johnthis coming Sunday. I intend to begin with a message on 1 John 1:1-4. I amreally looking forward to it.
    The New York Giants defeated the NFL champion Green BayPackers. Impressive.
    The 49ers defeated the red-hot Saints Saturday. It willbe a crime if Jim Harbaugh does not will the Coach of the Year this season.
    The beat-you-up Ravens manhandled the upstart Texans. ButI predict you will see the Texans in the mix again next season.
    The Patriots whipped the Broncos like they stolesomething this weekend. No more Tebow-Mania until next season.
    I had no problem with any of these teams going to theSuper Bowl! 


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.