Notes from Sunday – 11/28/10

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  • I am in St. John’s in Antigua & Barbuda, preaching for the Dr. Hensworth W.C. Jonas and the Baptist Circuit of Churches.

    The Baptist Circuit of Churches is made up of three congregations in Antigua led by Dr. Jonah – Central, Tryells, and Covenant Baptist Church.

    The mother church, Central Baptist Church, celebrated 45 years of ministry today. The Tryells Baptist Church celebrated 18 years today.

    Dr. Jonas is also the founder and principle of the Baptist Academy of Antigua. With over 400 students, it is one of the leading schools in the country.

    Today is Harvest Sunday in Antigua. It is their equivalent to our Thanksgiving.

    I really missed worshiping with my church family today.

    This was the first Sunday my wife was able to attend church since her surgery. Praise God!

    Thanks to Pastor Al Letson for ministering the word today.

    You can tell how mature a congregation is by how it acts or reacts when the senior pastor is away.

    I preached Saturday night for the ECBM leadership banquet.

    I preached three times today, at two of the three congregations.

    These are well-fed congregations that love the word of God. It was a joy to preach to the saints here this morning.

    Tonight’s service was beginning of an evangelistic crusade that will take place at each of the three churches.

    Pray that many souls will be reached for Christ during this evangelistic crusade.

    Dr. Jonas and one of his deacons tried to convince me today that soccer is the real football. I am not buying it!

    My Dallas Cowboys lost to the Thursday. Happy Thanksgiving!

    The Jaguars lost today to the NY Football Giants. The Jags will have to find a way to get it done on the road.

    I am yet to see any of the sites in Antigua. I trust that will change before my trip ends.

    There is a KFC here and three Subway sandwich joints. That’s it. Every thing else is local. That’s pretty cool.

    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.