Notes from Sunday – 10/24/10

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  • CRYSTAL UPDATE: Thanks for your ongoing prayers for Crystal. She still cannot move around much. But there have been no complications from her surgery. And her recovery is coming along as scheduled. Praise God.

    Good day of worship at Shiloh yesterday.

    Our youth and young adults led the music yesterday. Good job.

    Thankful for all of our guests yesterday.

    God bless the families who participated in our parent-child dedication yesterday.

    I began a new series on the Epistle of James yesterday. I preached from James 1:1-4 and called the message, “Taking Advantage of your Trials.”

    I have been looking forward to preaching the book of James for many years now. I hope to learn a lot from it. And I pray that my labors will bear fruit in the pulpit.

    I had been working on an introductory sermon on James. I decided Thursday evening that was not the best way to go. So I had to bunker down to do an exegesis of verses 1-4. It wiped me God. But I am glad I did.

    I am really looking forward to the study of James and pray that it will mark a special time of growth and fruitfulness in the life of Shiloh.

    Next week’s sermon: “Praying for Wisdom” (James 1:1-4).

    Praise God for those who were saved and added to the church.

    Sunday afternoon, I preached for my friend Brodes Perry at the Philippi Baptist Church here in Jacksonville. Brodes is a godly young pastor and a faithful preacher. I was glad to be there. I preached Romans 8:28. Thanks, Shiloh, for your presence. You’re the best.

    I did not realize it until Brodes mentioned it to me, but yesterday was the third straight Sunday afternoon I have preached.

    Congratulations to my friend, John Fils-Aime, on his pastoral installation yesterday in New York.

    The San Francisco Giants and Texas Rangers are going to the World Series It should be absolutely boring without the New York Yankees.

    It seems no one wants to be #1 in college football. But who cares, since the USC Trojans are nowhere near the top.

    I am not a UFC fan. But I was absolutely shocked by the news that Brock Lesner was knocked-out in the first round of his match Saturday night.

    The Jaguars were beat up pretty bad by the Chiefs.

    My Dallas Cowboys MUST defeat the New York Giants tonight! Are you ready for some football!!!

    Can you believe the movie “Back To the Future” is 25 years old?

    How’s Lido! Lido, our family dog, got a haircut this weekend. He is feeling good and looking good.

    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.