Notes from Sunday – 10/05/08

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  • Sunday was my first Lord’s Supper Sunday at Shiloh Church. And it was a very special day. As I am getting started in this new work, the love, prayers, kindness, support, and encouragement of the membership has meant more than words can express.

    What a joy and privilege it is to be in any worship service where new believers are being baptized and the saints are sharing the Lord’s Table. Praise the Lord!

    On a practical note, it was remarkable to see how fast the brothers served the Communion elements to the congregation. It was decent, in order, and efficient.

    I fumbled about a little bit during my first Communion. But the brothers had my back and helped me through it. Thanks for the assists.

    Yesterday was the first day my whole family was in church with me at Shiloh, as Crystal had to take Natalie to the hospital last Sunday. It had a calming effect on me to be able to look over and see my family sitting in worship with me.

    I preached a message from Psalm 32, which I entitled, “Good News for the Guilty.”

    It felt like I rushed through the message in both services. But I think I got through the core of the message both times.

    It may not be obvious in the presentation of my messages, but I really enjoy preaching the word of God to the Shiloh Church family.

    I led the congregation in the morning hymn at Shiloh for the first time. What a joy to hear the voice of the saints lifted in praise to God!

    One thing I think that goes unnoticed is the army of volunteers who serve in so many ways on Sunday mornings at Shiloh. What the few of us on the platform do on Sundays is nothing compared to quiet but diligent service of Bible Study Fellowship groups, parking attendants, greeters, decision counselors, cooks, deacons and district leaders, media workers, nursery and children workers, ushers, and a host of others who willing serve in various ways. To God be the glory for this culture of foot-washers who love the Lord by serving his people!

    I hear that George knocked it out of the park again at MSMBC. The best is yet to come for this great church.

    We attended Joshua and Jacob’s little-league baseball game Sunday afternoon. They played well. As for the score… It’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game!

    The Cowboys did not have a good game yesterday. Yet, the still won. This is further proof of how good the Cowboys are, in my estimation. The Bengals worked harder to lose! Cowboys are now 4-1 after this 31-22 victory over the cats.

    I fell asleep during the Sunday night football game. Did the Jaguars win?


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.