Notes from Sunday – 09/09/12

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  • What a day! What a church! What a Savior!

    Thank God for the guests who joined us in worship.

    Praise God for the 9 persons who were baptized.

    Our Genesis Choir (children) sang for the first time since their summer break. Hailey, my 4-year-old, participated for the first time. Well, “Participated” is a strong word. She stood there and watched herself in the TV monitors, for the most part.

    I prayed for our Bible Study Fellowship (Sunday School) teachers and workers. Our new semester of classes begins next week. Grateful for a strong group of volunteers. You make it happen!

    Our 10:15 service was almost derailed by Albertina Walker’s song, “I Can Go to God in Prayer.” It is most encouraging to know that we can call on the Father when he need him.

    I did a meditation on Philippians 4:6-7 Saturday morning during prayer meeting. I could not shake those two verses afterwards. So I preached them Sunday morning. I called the message, “God’s Answer for your Anxiety.”

    What is God’s answer for your anxiety? Pray your worries away!

    I plan to resume my study of 1 John next Sunday.

    I am not sure the saints heard the message, because of the light gray suit I wore. BrothaRollins said I was “Baptist clean.” (I am not sure that’s a good thing.) One of the sisters told me that I must be a man of the Word, because I was sharper than a two-edged sword! Funny.

    Praise God for those who made professions of faith and were added to the church.

    I performed a wedding after our worship services.

    Let the church say, “Football!”

    So… the USC Trojans dropped to #2 last week without losing. This week, they drop to #3 without losing. For real?

    BREAKING NEWS: The OK Sooners beat FAMU like they stole something, 69-13. This has to be news to the FAMU alumni on my staff, because they did not bring it up at all Sunday.

    The Jaguars lost a heartbreaker to the Vikings 26-23 in overtime. But the Jags looked good. It was an encouraging loss, if there is such a thing.

    I am glad Peyton Manning won his debut as the Broncos quarterback, defeating the Steelers 31-19. During this game, Manning threw his 400th career touchdown. Only two others have thrown 400 TDs – Marino and Favre. Peyton did it in the least amount of games.

    5 rookie quarterbacks started. Only one won – the Redskins RGIII. How will this “rookie experiment” turn out this season?

    I am glad I am not a Jets fan. Crazy preseason. But solid game today. Who is this team?

    The Yankees are in a dog fight. But we will win the division.

    Serena Williams defeated the #1 player in the word, Victoria Azarenka, in three sets to win her 4th US Open Championship. She has won this event at least once each of the past three decades. It was her 15th major championship. With the win, she passed $40 million in career earnings. And Serena is two weeks away from turning 31-years-old. Wow!

    So how was your Sunday? How did your teams do this weekend? Join the conversation in the comments section.



    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.