Notes from Sunday – 08/31/08

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  • Happy Labor Day!

    Congratulations to L. Daniel Williams, President of the Baptist Ministers Conference of Los Angeles and Pastor of the Baptist Church of the New Covenant, and his new bride, Jacqueline Williams, who were married this pastor Saturday at the West Angeles COGIC. I was privileged to announce the closing benediction.

    Sunday was the culmination of a long, busy week. I was (am) totally wiped out. It was one of the weeks when I wished I had a few more days before Sunday. But I was able to complete my work for Sunday and was ready to preach. Praise God.

    It was my desire to preach on spiritual unity. And I chose to take Psalm 133 as my text. I labeled the message, “A Celebration of Spiritual Unity.”

    I am encouraged and grateful for how patient MSMBC has been with my preaching over the past several weeks.

    We emphasize missions on fifth Sundays at MSMBC. Yesterday, this emphasis included a testimony from Pastor George Hurtt gave a testimony about his recent short-term missions trip to Haiti. For the second year, a group of local pastors have gone to Haiti to train leaders for pastoral leadership. They have longterm plans to see these men through their process of development and assist in the planting of new churches in Haiti. Pray for this work.

    Yesterday afternoon, I attended the pastoral installation service for my friend, Xavier Thomas, who is assuming the leadership of Southern Missionary Baptist Church. Xavier is several years younger than I am. And we were both “boy preachers” back in the day. It is great to see that the Lord has blessed him to take the help of one of the great churches of Los Angeles.

    Pastor Joe L. Gates, who has led Southern Church for some thirty years, was moved last year to select a successor and present him to the church. The Lord place Pastor Thomas on his heart and the congregation received him unanimously. Praise God for this smooth transition. And please continue to pray for this church.

    Bishop Kenneth Ulmer of the Faithful Central Bible Church in Inglewood brought the installation message. I have heard Pastor Ulmer many times. But I do not know if I have heard him any better that the message yesterday. It was a challenge to both the pastor and the congregation to embrace the spiritual implications of pastoral leadership.

    Please remember in your prayers those who are in the path of Hurricane Gustav.

    Likewise, Hurrican Hanna has formed today in the Atlantic. It is predicted to hit the U.S. sometime midweek or so. Pray!


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.