Notes from Sunday – 07/13/08

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  • Yesterday, I preached at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida.

    This was my second time preaching at Shiloh. And, once again, the congregation received my ministry very warmly. I pray that the messages ministered to the congregation in a helpful way. May God grant the increase.

    I preached two messages – Job 1 at 8 AM; Genesis 50 at 10 AM.

    For some reason, I was much more relaxed in the second meeting. But I was able to say most of what I felt I should say in both services.

    I lost my voice in the middle of my first sermon. But the Lord gave me the strength to get through the second message. At this point, I think it’s a conspiracy. Microphones. Argh!

    I missed being in my own pulpit. I look forward to resuming my study of the Sermon on the Mount this coming Sunday.

    Being out of my regular Sunday morning routine makes it difficult to get ready to preach.

    My friend, Pastor Elliot Ivey, who leads the New Beginnings Baptist Church in Oakland, filled in for me at MSMBC. And all the reports I have received have been about the great blessing “Poison” Ivey was to the congregation in both services. George said there was a “revival” feel in the services. My little sister warned me that I better get home quickly, before I won’t have a church anymore. Praise God for a great day in my absence!

    Pastor Ivey is one of the very fine young preachers in our country. I get to call him a “young preacher,” because I am several years older than he is. But Ivey is a mature, strong, and gifted preacher that you will hear much about in the months and years to come. God is using him in a great way around the country.

    I got back to the room after church. Took off my suit. Put on my trunks. And jumped in the pool for an hour. That’s a first. But it was cool. HBC3 swims well. Natalie is just starting to get comfortable in the water. Hailey swims better than her mother!

    Last night, Trey, Natalie, and I ditched Crystal and Hailey to catch a movie. Popcorn!

    Crystal and the kids got hungry late last night. So we out for a late, gourmet meal. We went to the Waffle House!

    Yesterday concluded a week of hanging out in Jacksonville. My family and I have been shown great kindnesses this past week by many people. We are very grateful.

    Several times this week, we got caught in sudden, afternoon thunderstorms. We literally saw “the storm clouds roll.” I thought that only happened in old Gospel songs.

    This morning, my family and I have two long flights back to Los Angeles. Please pray that God may grant us safe passage home.


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.