Notes from Sunday – 06/26/11

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  • Last week, I participated in the National Baptist Convention USA Inc.’s Congress of Christian Education in Indianapolis. It was the first time I have participated in the meeting for the full week. I had the opportunity to teach in the Laymen’s Department each day and to speak in the general session Wednesday afternoon. I was an exhausting but enriching week. Grateful to Harold Simmons, president of the Laymen, for all his kindness.

    Our new Car Care Ministry began this past Saturday! More than twenty men will volunteer their services to do free basic car repairs for seniors and single mothers in our congregation. Shout out to Pastor Letson for his oversight and Donald Brooks for his leadership.

    We had a great day of worship at Shiloh yesterday.

    I taught a new lesson in our new members class – a new version of “What Shiloh Expects From You.” I really enjoyed the time with our new members.

    Our ensemble led the music Sunday. And, as usual, they did a great job.

    Thanks to all of our Greeters and Ushers for your service. You make it happen!

    We had quite of few guests in worship Sunday. After the services, I had the opportunity to meet several families who have recently moved to Jacksonville and are looking for a church home. They were blessed by the service and said they would consider returning. Very encouraging.

    I am praying for our many members who are on vacation. May God’s blessings be on them and bring them home safely.

    I preached from James 5:7-11. I called the message, “What to do in the Meantime.”

    James 5:7-11 teaches three disciplines to practice when you are forced to spend time in God’s waiting room:

    1. Be patient (5:7-8).
    2. Do not grumble (5:9).
    3. Follow godly examples (5:10-11).

    For some reason, I did not say much of what I mapped out to say and ended up saying much that I did not map out.

    I have three more sermons to preach to conclude my study of the Epistle of James.

    Next Sunday’s message: “Tell It Like It Is” (James 5:12).

    Praise God for those who were added to the church yesterday. (Particularly, thank God for adding Brodes and Danielle to our church family.)

    We had a pretty quiet evening. Just the way I like it. Now for a busy week.

    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.