Notes from Sunday – 05/23/10

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  • This was a great weekend in the life of Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church.

    Saturday was our “Make a Difference Day.” The ministries, districts, and Bible Study fellowship groups blitzed our city with good works to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ. It was a wonderful day of service, fellowship, and witness. May the Lord be praised for all that was done in his name (Matt. 5:16)!

    Thank you to all who served during MADD10. You make it happen!

    As always, I am thankful for all of our guests who were in worship with us today.

    There were two couples in worship today that celebrate 53 years of marriage this week. Way cool.

    Our Youth choir and young adult choir led the music in worship this morning. I am grateful for their service.

    They did not listen to the “Mand of Gawd” and allowed my wife Crystal to sing with the young adult choir today. What a setback to music! As wonderful as Crystal is, singing is not one of her gifts. However, she lip-syncs excellently

    Lawrence Flowers, a very talented young man, led a selection in our 8 AM service. I was glad to have him as our special guest.

    I continued our series on the Ten Commandments with a message on Exodus 20:8-11 entitled, “”Making Time for God.”

    A good Ray Pritchard quote that I did not get to use in either message today: “We give 1 day in 7 to God because 7 out of 7 belong to him!”

    As strange as it sounds, I actually had a good time preaching on “remembering the Sabbath day.”

    Next Sunday’s message: “God’s Pro-Life Policy” (Exodus 20:13).

    Now, in the latest episode of “The Strangest Things Happen in Church:” So I am preaching during the 8 AM service. And out of nowhere, a balloon begins to descend from the rafters right in front of the main camera. It took everything for me not to freak out when I saw some U.F.O. floating down on my members!

    Praise God for all those who were saved and added to the church today.

    Sunday afternoon, our congregation worshiped with the Emanuel Baptist Church to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Pastor Herb Anderson. Pastor Anderson is a beloved son of Shiloh. And it was a joy to join in this special celebration. Our youth choir led the music. I preached with the little bit of gas I had left in the tank.

    Did the Lakers lose last night?


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.