Notes from Sunday – 04/18/10

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  • We have a good day of worship at Shiloh today. For the record, each Sunday we are privileged to gather together for worship is a great blessing.

    I went into our main building much earlier than usual this morning to get my Bible. But our Greeters were already gathered, preparing to greet the worshipers as they came into the doors. Thank you sisters for your service.

    I enjoy my time with our new members this morning. I did not finish my lesson, however. I don’t know where the time went.

    We sung “How Great Thou Art” as a congregation this morning. I love the great hymns of the church!

    The choir sung a song from Rev. Milton Brunson and the Thompson Community Singers: “Making a Way.” You can’t go wrong with the Tommies!

    I was a great joy to baptize our new members this morning.

    Praise God for all of our guests in worship on Sunday. I am always encouraged by the presence of guests. It means our people have been inviting their family and friends to worship.

    I continued my study of the Ten Commandments with a message on Exodus 20:4-6 entitled “How to Worship God.”

    I think I get really caught up with I am teaching about worship.

    I worked hard to edit down my thoughts for preaching. But I still did not feel like I finished explaining the text in either service. It was a horrible feeling. May the, as always, look over my poor work and bless his people.

    Random observation: People who sleep during the sermon should sit in the back of the church. Or maybe the balcony.

    Praise God for those who were saved and added to the church today.

    Today was the second week of our new youth service for our teens. I have received good reports that it is off to a good start. Continue to pray for Pastor Andrae Robinson and the volunteers that are working alongside of us.

    Our new Director of Media, Dan Beckwith, is on his way back to Texas to bring his wife and children to Jacksonville this week. Pray for their safe travel and relocation process.

    Pray for our baby girl, Hailey. She has been having stomach problems all weekend. It got worse this morning. Crystal had to stay home with her today.

    My prediction for the NBA playoffs: The Cleveland Cavaliers will be your new NBA champions.

    How long will it be before Nike breaks out the new Kobe and Lebron puppets commercials?

    Fight fans: Kelly Pavlik lost his middleweight belt to Sergio Martinez on Saturday night in a 12-round unanimous decision.

    Prediction: This will be a very long week.


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.