Notes from Palm Sunday 2012

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  • Yesterday was Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week. I am very excited!

    Saturday was our Make a Difference Day. Our members participated in various service projects to show the love of Christ to our community and city. It was a great day of service. Thanks to all of our volunteers. You make it happen!

    In my Sunday school class, I continued my lesson on the sovereignty of God. I still did not finish the lesson. And I haven’t even got the best part yet!

    It was great to have all of our guests in worship yesterday.

    The Appalachian State University Gospel Choir from North Carolina was our special guest in our 10:15 worship service. Those kids can sing!

    We celebrated the Lord’s Table in our worship services. What a wonderful way to kick off Holy Week!

    I preached from Matthew 17:1-8 on the Transfiguration of Jesus. What a text!

    I sought to make one simple point in the message: There is no one like Jesus!

    There are three supernatural events in the story of the Transfiguration that make it clear that there is no one like Jesus:

    1. The divine glory of Jesus was revealed (17:1-2).

    2. The redemptive work of Jesus was affirmed (17:3).

    3. The unrivaled supremacy of Jesus was declared (17:4-8).

    The Transfiguration is one of the most important events in the ministry of Jesus. But I can only name one sermon I have ever heard on it. And that was by a radio preacher!

    Sunday afternoon, I flew to Atlanta to close out the Seven Last Words of Jesus for Pastor Tim Fleming at the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church.

    I did not get up to preach until 9:45. That’s 9:45 PM. I preached for 15 minutes. I had mercy on the congregation. The congregation had mercy on me. Matthew 5:7!!!

    I missed WrestleMania last night.

    The Miami Heat were beat down by the surging Boston Celtics yesterday. Bad.

    Kansas vs. Kentucky tonight for the NCAA men’s basketball championship. Who you got?

    Sean Peyton and the New Orleans Saints will appeal their suspensions this week for their defense’s bounty program. Will it make a difference?

    I hope Bill Parcels serves as interim coach for the Saints this year. Love the Tuna!

    I am on my way to Detroit today to preach tonight. Please remember me in your prayers.

    How was your Sunday?


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.