Notes from Father’s Day Sunday 2012

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  • I really enjoyed my Father’s Day yesterday. And we had a great day of worship at Shiloh.

    23 years ago, the Lord took my father from labor to refreshment. But I am still benefiting from the 16 years I was privilege to have Dr. H.B. Charles, Sr. in my life.

    I was not feeling well for a good stretch of last week Thanks for your prayers and expressions of concern.

    Praise God for the one who was baptized yesterday.

    I am grateful for all of the guests who joined us for worship yesterday.

    Our women’s chorus sung yesterday. Good thing. Crystal Charles was in the choir. Very Bad Thing. I believe the fact that it was not a complete disaster has to mean that Crystal was doing her Milli-Vanilli thing.

    Dr. Lloyd C. Blue from Dallas spoke at our Father/Son Prayer Breakfast Saturday morning. He also taught a class during our Sunday school hour. He did a great job in both sessions.

    I preached from Psalm 127. I entitled the message, “It All Depends on God.”

    I argued this point: Nothing you do in life matters without the favor of God.

    Sermon Outline:

    I. Your work life begins on God (127:1-2).

    II. Your family life begins on God (127:3-5).

    I ended the message with a statement to those who have no arrows (children) in their quiver (vv. 4-5). After the second service a sister shared with me that her and her husband tried to have a child for 9 years. Then she introduced me to her adopted son and said, “Sometimes an arrow falls out of someone else’s quiver, and the Lord’s let you pick it up.” I’m still shouting on that one!

    Praise God for those who were saved and added to the church.

    Yes, I did get my big Father’s Day steak yesterday. Shame on West for suggesting I should have salmon, instead of steak.

    The music from Sunday morning was still on Hailey’s mind. On the way home from dinner, she sat in the backseat singing her version of the Andrae Crouch/Marvin Sapp hit: “God is SMOKING, let the church say amen.”

    The Miami Heat defeated the OKC Thunder last night to take a 2-1 advantage in the series. LeBron James has a monster game. I really hope he wins both a championship and the finals MVP to silence all the “haters.” (Sorry, I hate the word. But I couldn’t resist using it here.)

    Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. defeated Andy Lee by TKO in the seventh round to retain his middleweight belt. At the beginning of his career, I thought Chavez Jr. was a nobody trying to ride on his famous father’s name. I am so glad I was wrong. This is a superstar in the making.

    Some unknown guy won the US Open Golf Championship yesterday. The big news is the unexplainable collapse of Tiger Woods in the 3rd and 4th rounds.

    NFL running back, LaDainian Tomlinson will sign with the San Diego Chargers today and then retire. He is a surely a first ballot Hall-of-Famer.

    Dale Earnhardt Jr. finally won a race yesterday, after a four-year drought. The most celebrated non-story in a long time.

    Rodney King died (mysteriously) yesterday in his swimming pool. He was 47-years-old. I do not think Los Angeles has recovered yet from the aftermath of the Rodney King beating.

    This week, the SBC will elect its first African-American president, Dr. Fred Luter. Way Cool.

    The National Congress of the National Baptist Convention will meet this week in St. Louis. I will be speaking for the Laymen’s Department Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

    I am supposed to be a plane today to Paris for The Proclaimer’s Place. Not happening, which is cool with me. But I do hope that will be another opportunity down road.

    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.